About us

Starting a successful niche job board business is hard. Especially when you're not a designer or coder.

I created a few job boards for both myself and my clients in the past years. Yet, I always got tired of how long it took to build and how hard it was to manage job posts daily.

After weeks of work, my niche job boards didn’t take off as I had dreamed. To no surprise, as I ended up spending all my time building job board features with no time left to grow the audience for my niche job board.

Wouldn't it be great to launch a job board within hours and focus on growing and monetizing your audience?

We’re seeing a wave of powerful “no-code” tools enter the market and this gave me the idea for JobBoardSheet. Why waste a lot of time and money to develop a job board from scratch?

To put a job board website on the internet, you have to invest a lot of effort into the code, design, functionality, and pay for tools like servers, database, or uptime monitoring. Better let someone else stress about it all and you use your time to grow and monetize your audience.

This is why I set out to build JobBoardSheet. It's a website builder that connects to your Google Sheet or Airtable and lets you import and manage jobs from within the spreadsheet. Simply customize the design, publish your website on your custom domain and your job board business is online.


Matt Hlavacka, Founder of JobBoardSheet

I build websites used by over 5+ million people since 2014.